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lobby" in a 2006 interview. >> i'm a united states senator. not an israeli senator. i'm a united states senator. i support israel. but my first interest is i take an oath of office to the constitution of the united states, not to a president, not to a party, not to israel. in 1988 he called james hormelthen president bill clinton's choice "openly aggressively gay." saying his sexual orientation would be an inhibiting factor. hagel has since apologized for that comment last month saying those remarks were insensitive. but outgoing congressman barney frank blasted him last night in a statement, "i cannot think of any other minority group in the u.s. today where such a negative statement and action made in 1988 would not be an obstacle to a major presidential appointment." t t the two have remained close since. the president has used that alliance as part of his sales pitch for hagel. >> i've served with chuck hagel, i know him. he is a patriot. >> senator jack reid who was also on that 2008 trip is expected to be, to do much of the leg work in the senate to get hagel's nomination over the
romney would have been the president of the united states. this is fundamentally changing the rules. this would be like saying, we want the nfl to change the rules, a quarterback can no longer run in the offense anymore. >> democrats have brought this up before, but in this day and age, with twitter, and with everything such in focus, do you think republicans can really push this through, or will the public outcry be so much to say, look, president obama won by hundreds of thousands of votes in virginia. why could you do this? >> luke, that remains the to be seen. "the washington post" is reporting that virginia's senate will be acting on this legislation as early as next week. we'll look to see. reince priebus, the rnc chairman, who's supposed to be re-elected as rnc chairman was interviewed a few weeks ago where he said, look, i think some of the states that are proposing this is a pretty good idea, although he says that the rnc doesn't have the final word on this, it will be interesting to see what other republican leaders have to say. because at the end of the day, this is looki
united. now, maybe your divisions to vote, but all of us are committed to getting this done. i want to thank the chairman of the rules committee, mr. sessions, for the great job they've done in bringing it here, with a fair rule, and allowing for an up and down vote. >> one more thing that's significant, supporters of the sandy bill beat back an amendment from mulvaney which would have offset a large portion of the aid with across the board cuts from other spending. >> this amendment is not about day. this amendment is not about offering a poisoned pill to the underlaying bill. we've mismanaged our own finances to the point where we are now no longer capable of taking care of our own. >> despite those pleas, the mulvaney amendment went down big. 162 to 258 with 71 republicans voting against it. the fiscal cliff and sandy relief votes do provide a template for how, by the way, the debt ceiling might ultimately get raised. on the tax deal, house republican leaders had political cover from senate republicans. on sandy, chris christie provided the political cover, leaving house leaders,
after the python hunt. >> that's right. with dave barry talking about it. about the united states senate. >> insane city. his book about the senate. >> the what did you learn today? >> i learned today that my brother-in-law tom, toughest guy i know going through a tough time right now. love you tommy. >> what kind of tough time? >> he got his first day of chemoyesterday. here's to you, buddy. >> that leads me to tell you what i've learned today is what you should learn each day. be grateful for your health. if you've got your health, you've got about everything. you know it's way too early but right now actually time for chuck todd. take it away. >> president obama heads west to lay out his vision for an immigration overhaul. the presidential push comes at the same time as a break out of bipartisanship in the senate and his support for their effort could make this happen even faster than anyone could have dreamed. get it, oo dreamed? later this hour with just three days left on the job, secretary of state hillary clinton holds' town hall to talking with young people around the world but
, and glen dougherty, are part of a broader strategic challenge to the united states and our partners in north africa. today i want briefly to offer some context for this challenge, share what we've learned, how we are protecting our people, and where we can work together to not only honor our fallen colleagues, but continue to champion america's interests and values. any clear-eyed examination of this matter must begin with this sobering fact. since 1988, there have been 19 accountability review boards investigating attacks on american diplomats and their facilities. benghazi joins a long list of tragedies for our department, for other agencies, and for america. hostages taken in tehran in 1979, our embassy and marine barracks bombed in beirut in the 1983, saudi arabia in the 1996, our embassies in east africa, 1998, consulate staff murdered in jetta in 2004, the coast attack in 2009, and too many others. since 1977, 65 american diplomatic personnel have been killed by terrorists. now, of course, the list of attacks foiled, crises averted, and lives saved is even longer. we should ne
to start. hagel's confirmation battle is the first to be fought in the post-citizens united era of super pacs. why do we bring that up? well, for the last month, hagel's been hammered on-air by groups like americans for a strong defense, led by a handful of former romney advisers, and the american future fund to the emergency committee for israel, billionaire sheldon adelson is so invested in seeing his nomination voted down, that he has reached out directly to republican senators to try to get them to vote against hagel. the issues of concern to these folks are israel and iran. hagel once described pro-israel groups as a jewish lobby and voiced opposition to unilateral sanctions on iran. now, hagel has spent time on capitol hill explaining his views, and they have been good enough for new york senator chuck schumer, who after wavering, now supports his nomination. but they haven't been good enough for a number of republicans, including texas senator john cornyn, who has decided to make himself the de facto leader of the hagel opposition. >> the nomination of chuck hagel to be the next s
about, plus guns, immigration, future of his party and new evidence today that the united states is devoting money and manpower to the newest front in this war with al qaeda. it's in north africa. first, a look at the president's schedule, as you know, all about vegas, baby. we're watching the dal ily rundn only on msnbc. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they help save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and you'll never need a referral to see a specialist. join the millions who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp... and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance com
. >> napolitano, cabinet level position, u.n. ambassador, u.s. ambassador of the united nations susan rice. you know, again, i can go through the list. this president has appointed -- made two appointments to the supreme court. both of them women. and i think that his commitment to -- >> do you think it is unfir charge? >> i think the record speaks for itself. >> one thing, though, just have to wonder some of our -- wondered aloud why there hadn't been a second-term transition director that said hey, you are about nominate five white men in a row, do you want to come up -- do some of your other appointment first? sprinkle it in, show diversity of appointments. it just seems that the -- this has been a little bit mismanaged or hole plugging in, if you will. lot of this has to do, yes, with all of the attention on the fiscal cliff. but clearly, this all -- this part of it has been dropped to what is probably for the white house communications office an annoying story to deal with. moving on, today vice president's task force on gun violence has a full day of meetings scheduled with hunters, gun o
, the reality of where things are when it comes to the gun issue in the united states congress. >>> well, this will be a crucial week for the president's pick to lead the pentagon. chuck hagel will head to capitol hill for some face to face meetings. most important is where chuck schumer, who has been both privately and publicly skeptical about hagel's nomination and is exekted pau pechted to press him on iran. but does he have the power to kill it? but a question on whether schumer would expend the political capital. possible he just decides to vote against it and stay quiet over the time period on hagel's confirmation. over the weekend, long time allies led by colin powell went on sunday shows to defend his record. >> superbly equalled based on the record, the service to the country, based on how he feels about troops and veterans and families. i read some of the responses he's already put together and i think he will make a nomination and be confirmed. >> senator jack reid, who is leading hagel's defense in the democratic senate caucus praised hagel's able ility the quote sp truth to
you that here you had senate republicans basically united around a deal nobody was happy about, but a deal you felt you had to support. and that house republicans almost undid it. i mean -- describe your feelings about that as you were watching that on january 1st. >> you know, i never thought it was going to be undone. let's face it, this was not a bill anyone really liked. and at the end of the day, chuck, you can always run from these votes. on a big vote like this, i consider them to be defining moments. always have to look at myself as the deciding vote. in other words, would we be better off as a country with this policy in place, or the policy that it's replacing. and i think if you look at it that way, there's no question that it was the right vote. but it was a terrible bill. and candidly, we would have come out with a much better product if we had just done it on the senate floor, in public. but now we have to move down the road to this next phase. and it's a shame, chuck, that we live in this wonderful, great nation, the greatest on earth, and that leaders -- all of
that cantor is waiting for his moment to pounce on boehner. in truth, they were very united in all of this. they voted different ways, but united, really. cantor didn't look like he was undermining boehner. what's the governing dynamic between the two of them? is it cantor biding his time, making sure he plays nice with conservatives, but doesn't try to overthrow boehner? >> i think there was a little bit more to it, probably in 2010 or slightly before and people thought there was more going on. i think that eric cantor, after that, and after 2011 and the debt ceiling showdown, has shown that he wants to be able to be within leadership and work with boehner and sees that also, there is a faction of establishment republicans who are backing john boehner. and if eric cantor at some points wants to be speaker and make that run, he can't completely alienate all of those folks. but i don't think all of this, it's a little too machiavellian to suggest that all of this is going on and is totally orchestrated. i think that mccarthy and cantor are people who know that they're going to be around for
and just isolate the united states." republican critics many who bitterly remember his split from the iraq war are focusing on iran and israel. >> he's an honorable man. he's had a record of distinguished service, but he's profoundly wrong on a number of the most important national security issues that face our country today. >> but this issue of israel and iran is something the white house is nervous about. they began a feverish lobbying effort talking to key leaders of key jewish groups. senior white house officials, including chief of staff jack lu spent the weekend calling many leaders. if softened criticism from the anti-defamation league who put out this statement about hagel. "senator hagel would not have been my first choice, but i respect the president's prerogative." but it did not persuade former new york city mayor who the white house also reached out to both of them. after hagel was formally nominated dershowitz released a statement saying koch said, "frankly, i thought that there would come a time when president obama would renege on what he conveyed on his support of israel.
is very strong and also how the construction market here in the united states is going to be stronger than expected in this first half of the year. that's some good news that helped that stock out. also, travelers insurance, chris, this is a really interesting story. they came in with margins, underwriting margins that were much stronger than expected. so big losses from hurricane sandy, but they were able to raise their pricing, partially as a result of that, so that stock came in with much better earnings than expected. johnson & johnson and verizon are a little bit weaker, but five-year highs. we'll see if the market can hold on to this. chris, back to you. >> thank you, becky. >>> next, a small state's big push for gun reform. delaware attorney general beau biden will be here next to talk about the lessons that his state is learning from the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. >>> plus, biding his time? new signs the vice president is making plans to be back on inaugural podium in four years, this time in a little bit different role. could the third time be the charm for joe biden? >>> bu
no recourse if that united states senate of an opposite party of the president decides we're shutting down the confirmation process because frankly, you know that can be done. is that -- i mean, you know, there are no recourse at all for the executive branch here? >> yeah, the next election is the recourse for the executive branch. >> that could be four years. could you hold up cabinet appointments for four years. >> it could be two years. of course, it could. the founders put that in the constitution there about 1 1100 positions in the government that require advice and consent. it's there for a purpose. i was nominated by the first president bush to be education secretary. the senate held me up for three months. they had a right to do it. so the president has to keep sending people until he finds someone who can gain the support of the senate. that's one of the checks we have against an imperial presidency. >> you hope the supreme court upholds this broad ruling that basically eliminates recess appointments? >> i do, but i doubt they will. but i suspect they will narrow the decision at l
in the house of representatives. or even the united states senate. >> do you think people are going to be willing to take the risk of losing their seats again? >> i think so. many democrats lost their seats in the next election, in fact, we lost the house for multiple reasons. but that was one of them. and -- but they came back in this period between election and now in the lame duck period and said they would do it again. it was so important to our country. >> we'll see. the fact of the matter is, where this goes, what is the political will as far as the white house is concerned, they can make a pragmatic argument that if they go with a smaller package it actually has a chance of passing if it has consensus but it could disappoint a lot of folks that want to see the white house go bigger and bolder on this issue. >>> afghan president hamid karzai is in town. he's going to be discussing the u.s. role in afghanistan post-2014. the u.s. or at least the white house is signaling it wants out of afghanistan and the white house disclosing a zero option. that is withdrawal or bust as a neg
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was a once a future president of the united states. when he first bought that seat, and he really did at the time -- he spent $10 million on the u.s. senate seat. at the time, that was a -- >> huge. >> chuck, he spent more money on tv ads outside of west virginia than his republican opponent spent inside west virginia. he was buying -- >> washington, d.c. >> 5% gets you that one panhandle county or two counties. >> at most, he was one of those democrats that thought, i'm not going to run in 'the 2 for president. i'll wait until '96, we'll let these little guys like bill clinton run. >> missed the opportunity. but when they arrived, they arrived with a big bang, would have parties at their house. >> they were going to be a big deal. >> exactly. they were going to make a footprint. >> they were. and there was this thought that the rockefeller -- he was going to be the rockefeller that was going to make it to the white house. karen, i want to shift gears a little bit here, put you a little bit on the spot, or maybe you have a lot to say about it. is the diversity hit on the white house r
a death trap. and that's national security malpractice. >> i think when you have a united states ambassador, personally warning about the situation over there, sending this cable to your office -- >> well, if i could -- 1.43 million cables a year come to the state department, and they're all addressed to me. >> and then clinton offered a bit of candor when asked why u.n. ambassador susan rice made the sunday show rounds following the attack. >> why weren't you the person to be appear on the sunday shows immediately following the attack. ambassador susan rice said that you decline. was that correct? >> well, i have to confess here in public, going on the sunday shows is not my favorite thing to do. there are other things i'd prefer to do on sunday mornings. >> don't we know that here, and don't our friends at "meet the press" know this. but more seriously, when it comes to north africa, i was surprised yesterday to not hear questions going all the way back to the decision to push mubarak out, when you look at all of the domino effect, mubarak and gadhafi, talked about ben ali, all
plays. we have to stay united. we have to show if given the chance that we can govern, that we have better ideas. >> ryan was joined at the national review over the weekend by a handful of republican governors, including virginia's bob mcdonald, who had this advice for the party. >> our politics are off. and we need to be honest about the problems that our movement and our party's got. i know it sounds strange but i think we need to be better community organizers. that's funny, i guess five years ago, it's not so funny now. >> put that on the list of things a gop governor with presidential ambitions wouldn't have said a year ago at a conference sponsored by the national review. speaking of mcdonnell, he made it clear this weekend that the republican party's attempt to, quote, fix their problems by simply changing the rules, namely the rules of how the electoral college votes are awarded, that plan is dead in virginia. mcconnell's spokesman said "the governor does not support this legislation. he believes virginia's existing system works just fine as it is." interestingly, virginia g
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)